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Uruguayan Spanish Continues (chorro/chorrera)

7/21/2011 by Susana Schultz

And now another installment of our beloved lunfardo...

The first word I like to introduce is chorro. I believe that a lot of native Spanish-speakers know what it means but it can be a tricky word for non-natives. Normally, chorro means a stream, a jet of vapor or gas, a trickle of water. It is also used in terms like jet propelled planes, aviones a chorro.

In Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, we use it to mean a thief. We also use it to mean a lot of something. and many times we also use its derivative chorrera. As an example, let’s use cana from last posting together with chorro: La cana finalmente agarró al chorro que había robado una chorrera de cobre. This means: The police finally caught the thief that had been stealing loads of copper.

Amazingly, every country where Spanish is the native language can communicate in Spanish, but when we use our own slang we cannot be understood by another country or countries. And yet, we all speak Spanish.

Stay tuned for more words and phrases in upcoming weeks.

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