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Challenging English terms for accurate Spanish translation (or any language translation)

7/23/2013 by Susana Schultz

As translators, we are always being challenged by certain terms or words that define reason in other languages. This could be because they are newly coined nuances or terms to define newly created situations or words whose nuances are so culturally-engrained in just the U.S. that are not found in any of our countries. As a result, we have not coined terms for them in our native languages.

I am going to devote a regular feature on this blog to such terms and words and I would love to hear your comments. Our blog doesn’t allow for comments, so I will be posting this on the Facebook translators’ groups I belong to and asking for your input. You can just comment by responding to my post. Since this is something that affects all and from which all of us can benefit by hearing what our peers have to say, I really encourage you to participate. I will post your responses on my blog giving you proper credit.

Although I only deal with Spanish translations, I am fluent in five other languages and I know that some of these terms pose challenges in all those languages as well. So my blog will not be limited to Spanish translations at all, but it will be open to all languages. Thanks!!

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