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January Articles

The Strictly Spanish Blog

So you want to work as a Spanish translator? (This also applies to any other language, obviously.)

7/10/2013 by Susana Schultz

I hear this all the time from Anglo kids born in this country. “I studied Spanish in high school; I spent a semester in Mexico; I am good at it and I want to work as a Spanish translator! Can you hire me?” Is that you?

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Neutral Spanish: We hear about it all the time but what is it, really?

12/12/2011 by Susana Schultz

I have heard it being called several things: international Spanish, standard Spanish, neutral Spanish, educated Spanish, broadcast Spanish, media Spanish, and Castilian Spanish.

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Uruguayan Spanish Continues (chorro/chorrera)

7/21/2011 by Susana Schultz

And now another installment of our beloved lunfardo...

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Uruguayan Spanish (cana)

6/7/2011 by Susana Schultz

Every country has its own slang. In Uruguay and Argentina, we call it lunfardo. The original slang originated in Argentina among criminals back in the 19th century and with time it was adopted by people of very low class all over Uruguay and Argentina. Later, a lot of those words and phrases became part of the vernacular and they were added to the spoken Castilian.  By early 20th century, this slang was used all over as a colloquial Spanish. Some of those words even made it into the dictionary of the Real Academia Española.

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Spanish language changes made by the Real Academia (RAE) will cost publishers a lot of money

5/16/2011 by Susana Schultz

At the end of December, 2010, the Real Academia Española announced major changes to the Spanish language.

Very few of the changes were made public and the only way to know the complete scope of the changes will be to buy the new grammar books and study them to understand what changed. They did tell us that the new changes are mandatory and go in effect immediately. The RAE also indicated that continuing to use the old orthography will constitute an egregious, orthographical error.

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