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January Articles

The Strictly Spanish Blog

More than Translations: Available Services through Language Providers

9/7/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

When considering required services, businesses contemplate what services a translations agency can offer. Is the only service offered by a translations agency full document translation, or are there other elements within the agency better suited for the business’s purposes? To answer this question, one can begin by recognizing an alternate title for translations agency—language providers. Language providers encompass more than translation; a myriad of linguistic elements is included within this term, some of which will be described in the following list.

  1. Language Localization – Language is adapted to best reach the desired audience. With Spanish, regional colloquialisms and phrases vary across the Spanish-speaking nations; a language provider will be able to form a Spanish message addressing target audience language preferences.
  2. Language Revitalization – Language is always evolving, the language of today scarcely resembling the language of past years or decades. Depending on the industry, language may need updates and revision at a rapid rate. Language providers can update terminology and phrases to reflect the ever-changing word, taking an older document and renewing its language. This practice can also save a business money, strengthening an old framework instead of creating an entirely new document.
  3. Language Revision – Instead of requiring a full document translation, some businesses desire another pair of eyes looking over a translated document, making revisions to best represent the business. Language providers are responsible for this revision, trained eyes scanning through materials and lending their expertise to the final product.

Although not all-encompassing, the above list provides an idea of what additional services language providers offer. Far from only translations, language providers involve themselves in all aspects of language, ensuring each element is professionally handled. In their hands, language is cultivated to reflect businesses’ message clearly and effectively.  

But Does Not Everyone Speak English?: A Case for Business Translations

5/29/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Faced with the desire to allocate sparse resources wisely, many businesses question whether inter-personal or inter-business communications should require translations. While several native English-speaking businesses have established branches in non-native English-speaking countries, this hesitance toward translation reflects the global business language. Currently, English still possesses that title, the language of commerce with a dominating presence of nearly two billion speakers. Why then, as many businesses inquire, should translations be considered in the light of English as a predominant language choice?

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Know Your Audience: One Language Holds Many Voices

3/27/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Often when businesses are considering translation for marketing, employee correspondence, or education materials, they consider the work to be from one language to the other. If the document must be translated, it will be from English to Spanish or any other language pair; that is the concrete definition of the process. However, like businesses intuitively realize in the host language, language is not composed of a singular voice; depending on region, variation within a language abounds. When translating any materials, an adapt translator—and business—will keep these factors in the forefront of translation decisions.

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A Strawberry by Any Other Name: Intricacies in Food Translations

1/30/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Perhaps one of the most intriguing challenges facing translators today is translations for food. Food items, while a global experience, possess strong cultural and regional associations, transforming shared general objects into diverse specific terms, of which a translator must be aware. Although these difficulties become quite apparent when translating food items originating in one culture and language into another, a subtler challenge arises with differing terms for the same food item within a shared language. Translators confronted with these challenges can choose from several courses of action to provide the best translation, depending on the context of target audience or clarity.

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Plain Language: How to Avoid Being Lost in Translation

11/29/2017 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Although technical terminology is often vital for certain fields, such as the medical profession, a disconnect between intended message and audience comprehension has been observed when such terminology dominates the document. Particularly in governmental documents or business’ terms and conditions, legal jargon fills the page, complicated sentence structure and terminology barring readers directly affected by the stated policies from understanding them. As miscommunication became prevalent in this exchange of knowledge, leading to frustration on both the communicator’s and receivers’ side, a movement for a new process for writing and translation emerged: plain language.

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Requests for Spanish Translation Quotes or Translation Cost Information

4/29/2014 by Lon Schultz

Following is information that we would like to receive from a client that would like a Spanish translation quote or translation cost information to translate documents from English to Spanish:

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Valuable tool from the ATA for translators

4/29/2014 by Susana Schultz

This week, I was sent a copy of a very valuable tool for translators. You can access it here:

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The road less traveled: Beyond a good Spanish translation

7/22/2013 by Susana Schultz

Our service to our clients goes well beyond that of providing quality Spanish translations. We also pay attention to the way their English materials are written and bring to the client’s attention any typos, missing words, unfinished sentences or any other content issues we discover while translating and editing.

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The Strictly Spanish Translation Blog - Subscribe RSS

7/15/2013 by Susana Schultz

If you like what you see in our Spanish Translation Blog, and would like to see more, I suggest that you subscribe to RSS. It is very simple, just click on the Subscribe RSS hot link on the right of the blog, above the month box, and every time there is a new blog entry, you will receive it automatically.


A Matter of Degree

7/9/2013 by Susana Schultz

Do you like the way Stephen King writes? Or do you prefer Thoreau’s writing style better? Have you read anything by Stephenie Meyer and if so do you like her style? We are all individuals and as writers we all write differently and use our own unique style.

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The Power of the Internet and the Power of Communications

6/13/2013 by Susana Schultz

I am always amazed when I do a search for Strictly Spanish and articles I’ve written on the subject of the Spanish language and Spanish translations show up in the most incredible places.

An article that I wrote back in 2007 that has gotten a lot of mileage and a lot of conversation and quoting is The Official Language of the United States and its Impact on the Translation Industry.

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For Prospective Clients: Translation Services Quick Points

1/18/2013 by Strictly Spanish Admin

We get hundreds of calls and emails each week from prospective clients requesting information about our translation services. We put together the following quick points based on what the majority of these inquiries are requesting.

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Effect of texting and social media on orthography

7/13/2012 by Susana Schultz

As a Spanish translator and linguist, this is a subject very dear to my heart. We all know that computers, texting, emailing, and social media have already destroyed the lost art of penmanship. And thanks to texting and social media, orthography is becoming another lost art.

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Middle school students find Strictly Spanish website useful for their Spanish studies

2/17/2012 by Susana Schultz

We were thrilled when we opened an email and found that we are not only a business providing an invaluable service –quality Spanish translations– to a variety of clients, but we are also a source of Spanish-language resources to school students across the United States.

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Many languages, one people

8/30/2011 by Susana Schultz

As I spend time in Nova Scotia, Canada, I can’t help thinking of how many different people who speak many languages live happily not worrying about what their official language is.

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